About Nansi Lent

Nansi Lent earned her BA in Studio Art at Boston College and an MA in Arts Administration from NYU. Nansi has exhibited widely in The Hudson Valley, New York and New Jersey, and is in an upcoming show at The Coral Springs Museum of Art, Coral Springs, Florida. Her work is held in several private collections.  Rhinebeck is home, though she works in her studio and gallery in Poughkeepsie. 


My work is a mirror of my mind and the relentless overlapping thoughts, reactions, mental notes, lessons, marking and accounting for time, tasks, responsibilities, milestones, joys and disappointments, efforts to relate, frustrations and shards of clarity that make up a life.

Process oriented, abstract and impulsive, I often start with a mood, a thought, color and allow myself to follow instinct as the work unfolds. As I work I try to lose myself in the materials, in the sense of giving full attention to where the working surfaces meet, a form of meditation practiced by many makers.

I often work in series, primarily in oil and wax, and the work ranges in size from 6” x 6” canvases to works-on-paper of many sizes to large 55” x 44” cradled panels, rich in color, layering, gestures, hatch marks, texture, illegible text occasional collage elements.

Illegible text or script, an ancient form known also as ‘asemic script’, and tallying or counting, are elements of my visual vocabulary have persisted through various mediums over four decades. The tally marks, similarly ancient, make visual a mental process that is also ubiquitous. From our earliest days as human beings, we count, track and try to record and remember.

I think of counting and the urge to write as universal language, that breaks the barriers of entrenched culture. I am now exploring these elements as subject matter, while approaching the painting process with increasing childlike freedom. My intention is a kind of emotionally evocative visual poetry of language whose meaning is totally up to the viewer, and is always correct because it belongs to the viewer.
— Nansi Lent, 2018