Lisa Winika


About Lisa Winika

Lisa Winika is a self-taught “outsider” artist who expresses her vision through diverse media and genre: drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, collage, and assemblage, abstract, surreal, conceptual, and visionary.

Her work can be called mystical, transcendent, blissful, haunting, weird, disturbing, complex, but usually not beautiful. Guileless, sincere, unaffected, esoteric, penetrating, her unconventional art is meant to slightly disturb the viewer and challenge the standard perceptions of reality.

Although a concept often emerges, Lisa neither plans her work nor tries be significant, but rather relies on humor, spontaneity, and whimsy to create an opening. Her work is a process of discovery.  She allows herself to be surprised and feels each work has a life of its own, she is only the vehicle by which they are born, the channel for their creation.

Her work is informed by her profound interest in both science and spirituality, which she ardently believes are neither opposed to one another nor even separate, but rather two means of plumbing the source of life and its manifestation as the inner and outer worlds.