About Kathy Rey

Kathy Rey, known to some as K.Rey, is a visual artist and musician/ songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. She comes from a family of artists, musicians and performers and is currently the leader of the musical project Juniper Smith.
In the last several years painting has become a primary focus, which expresses her need to manifest in a more tactile, physical and object-based way. Major influences in her work are her Mexican roots, Queer identity & gender fluidity. Kathy works with acrylics, watercolors, paint markers and ink on wood and canvas. She has studied design and music theory at School of Visual Arts and The New School in New York City.


My need to create is fundamental. I like to be in the immediate present and to illuminate the relationship between the outer world and myself. I am also motivated by the racial, cultural and class divisions I experienced growing up in the American Midwest. My intention is to create a landscape of indigenous philosophy and spirituality, which includes sadness and struggle, courage and strength.